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Engage Your Audience Through Compelling Video Production

Creatively communicate your key ideas, with visual impact and expert storytelling.

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No matter how big or small, all businesses have a story to tell.

However, how you manage to convey that story will ultimately influence your overall success. Create compelling and engaging content, and your business will thrive. Miss the mark, and you could find yourself in an uphill battle to secure the trust of your employees or gain those all-important customers.

Engaging storytelling is the cornerstone of any successful corporate communication. From internal training and recruitment materials to client case studies, the manner in which you convey your message will have a decisive impact on its effectiveness.

Corporate videos are all about conveying your best stories and ideas with the greatest visual impact. Here at Gray Media, we feel we are in the best position to help you achieve precisely that outcome thanks to our creative team having a combined 50 years' experience in producing corporate videos.


Why Make a Video?

There are many reasons why investing in corporate video production makes sense, but by far the most significant is for increasing engagement with your brand. For instance, promotional videos convey your product offerings and brand values in a manner that no other medium can. Similarly, there's no other channel as effective for delivering your corporate messaging.


From enhanced comprehension to increased conversions, video outperforms all competing communication methods across every measurable attribute. Nothing else can match the audiovisual assault on the senses, the emotional connection, or the storytelling abilities of video.

Well-executed corporate videos are also inherently shareable. If you're looking to engage potential customers with your brand, then there's no better way than creating a video that's initially shared amongst friends before taking a life of its own and going viral.


of video marketers say video has increased traffic to their website.


of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video

A website is


times more likely to reach the front page of Google if it includes video content


of video marketers say video has directly helped increase sales

Your story is the key to success

When trying to connect with your customers, shareholders, and employees, you're asking them to invest themselves in your brand. You're asking them to care about what you do. That's why your story is so crucial to the success of any corporate video production.

It could be an instructional training video that regales new employees with tales of those late nights spent working on your products or services. Or perhaps a promotional video that reaches potential customers to let them know this is who you are, this is what you believe in, and here's how they can become part of your journey.


Either way, a compelling story creates that crucial emotional connection, it secures critical buy-in from both your clients and staff members, and it can convince them that your particular cause is one that's worth fighting for.

Case Studies

When trying to win the business of new clients, there's perhaps nothing more convincing than case study videos. By taking your prospective clients on a visual journey across your best client success stories, they can imagine themselves working with you to obtain those results. But case studies tell all sorts of stories, not just those of your customers. They’re also brilliant for showcasing the journeys of your own employees, your products, or your history and heritage, which is an excellent method for building both trust and credibility.

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